Briana Pashen

Sydney, Australia

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If you'd like reassurance I'm genuinely as gorgeous and curvaceous as my photos suggest please request a sexy selfie or two. I'm happy to oblige genuine inquiries.... xoxo Lovers and gentlemen desiring a most passionate and indulgent liaison. May I introduce myself to you as a vixen of a woman who is ready to explore her erotic and sublime sensuality with you in the bedroom? Having a libido that has unfortunately been unfulfilled for years, I turn to private escorting to fulfil my sexual desires whilst I satisfy your cravings of lust. With a full and firm round peachy ass, I ache to be taken from behind, pulled close and devoured with your tongue and your cock. Grasp my tiny waist as you grip onto my hips with each sweaty thrust. Go ahead and fondle my massive twin G cups, watching them spill out of your hold with their sheer volume and size, soft and bouncy, not plastic and rigid, satisfying your tactile and visual pleasure. Long, slender fingers, daintily painted toes, and a smile and laugh that shall entrance you and entice you to visit me more than onceÉmore than twice. Dare I say you shall become addicted to my down to earth and bubbly personality as much as you shall dream of my body nightly? I love to talk about worldly events over a glass of bubbly. Getting to know what you enjoy, what your life involves, is as much an element of my foreplay as my mouth lusciously slurping on your hardened member. To chat, to laugh and to tease are the epitome of the beginning of ultimate pleasure. Perhaps dinner? Perhaps a few drinks? Then perhaps we shall retire to turn up the heat a little moreÉ My tender caresses give way to soft moans and then louder gasps of ecstasy - yes, I am a vocal lover and as we connect sexually, my desire for a dirtier and more erotic encounter shall unfold. I'm a woman who knows what she wants and has no trouble letting you know how to please me, how to touch, how to kiss and how to lick. The taste of natural oral, the pleasure of your load spraying over my lips and in my mouth, to be delicately swallowed and savoured. The arousal of wanting you everywhere, of wishing you to enter me in all manner of ways and my mind sexually open to experience whatever we wish to share together - the ultimate girlfriend, yet also porn star playmate at your service! Whether it be for a stress relieving hour, an action packed and dynamic outburst of fetish-laden PSE energy, or perhaps even dinner before a night on the townÉI am your perfect companion and soon I will become known as the 'it' girl that you cannot bare to live without! Till we entwine with PASHEN, xx Briana ***Images Verified - Web Owner*** Read more: