Berlin, Germany

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Imagine a world where you can have a guide through your wildest fantasies. Imagine a professional who consults on fun and adventure, a companion who chooses their clients carefully for optimum chemistry and connection. Imagine that professional is sexual, sensual, well traveled, and smart with an exceptional lust for life.

Now imagine you can experience all of that.

I am that consultant, and I personally tailor every experience specifically for you. Just you, not anybody else. I am experienced in sensual massage, cuddling, domination and BDSM, exstatic union, conversation, counseling, erotic fashion and the intricacies of gender and crossdressing.

My presentation can range from sensual and sweetly feminine to deliciously androgynous to hard femme. I am tall, with luscious breasts and a soft bush. My hair is curly and can be different every time you see me, but it is never long enough to touch my shoulders.

What kind of adventure are you looking for?