Alanah Myles and Paige Wilde

Sydney, Australia

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We know what you're thinking. Why bother with words when the pictures tell such a great story? ;-) And we think we may be able to guess a few other thoughts too... Like the way you have always dreamt of not just one , but TWO mind-blowingly stunning women giving you the ultimate pleasure: the undivided attention and simultaneous adoration of two of Sydney's most beautiful escorts. Watching two eager tongues send currents rushing through you. Two sets of hungry eyes. Two slender young busty bodies curving in anticipation underneath you. Two voices moaning as you bring them to sweet climax with your hands, tongue and cock. The raunchy dance of a no-holds genuine bi sexual three-way. Two stunningly beautiful erotic play playmates to choose from. You sucking not just one but two full succulent chests… Two girls sucking your cock and licking your balls… A raunchy caramel haired goddess blessed with flawless curves, whose gorgeous face hides the filthiest of imaginations, and a steaming, achingly sexual brunette with a sinful mind. We are not afraid to show you why we are the ultimate package. The fantasy of caramel and cream come to life, illuminating and animating every thought you've had about the extraordinary feeling of two dreamy, beautiful, truly bi sexual horny women - so different, so perfectly complementary, so extraordinarily erotic, lusting for you, for each other, for more and more - and still more... One night, two girls, and a million explosive sensations and experiences we guarantee you will never, and we mean NEVER, forget. We are two girls passionate for sex, passionate for life, passionate for every lick, suck, taste, slap and feel of it. Welcome to our world. Offering that very rare service of 100% genuine bi-sexual PSE or GFE sex, it is a true joy for us to work together and give and receive pleasure: any way you want it, any way you dreamed it. Any way we can imagine it and explore our bodies together stroke by stroke. We promise we can find your sweet spots: you'll see ;-) Alanah loves paying due attention to Paige’s flawless, taut curves, soft breasts and tight, sweet pink wetness. Paige yearns for the feeling of Alanah’s supple sun-kissed skin, soft and suckable 32DD chest and knows just the right way with her tongue to get that that look of shaky, ecstatic satisfaction to her body and face. Visualise this...The moans that escape our lips, our pink lips parted wet in ecstasy, and our thighs shuddering in endless climax... I trust we have aroused your curiosity? Life is a journey of pleasure with endless possibilities. Everything is worth having. Every thought, experience, sensation is to be explored, every feeling savoured. Let us satisfy your curiosity - or perhaps start an addiction ;-) We can't wait to meet you. We're ready. Are you? Paige and Allanah xox Read more: